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Food Photography is visual. It should be taught visually.

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What Does Food Photography School Really Offer?

Food Photography School is an entirely video-based course to visually help you learn how to become an amazing food photographer.

The ability to take exceptional food photographs is an empowering skill with limitless potential. Mastering food photography helped Dana start her own business and land many professional photography gigs. Now she's here to teach you everything she knows.

Take your passion beyond just a hobby. Make it your craft.

You Will learn Food Photography:

Visually. Faster. Better.

Don't just take our word for it.

“Hands down the best, most detailed tutorials for budding food photographers! Dana introduces you to not only your camera, but to the world of food styling, photo editing, and photo sharing. These lessons are thoughtful, detailed, and extensive. All the knowledge you need to create truly gorgeous food photographs!”
- Joy Wilson,

"Dana has created a one-stop-shop for all things food photography-related. As a visual learner, I so appreciate being able to see the techniques she's describing - in everything from styling a shot to editing a photo - versus reading about them in an ebook. There are so many topics covered that whether you're a beginner food blogger or seasoned pro, there's absolutely something new to learn from Food Photography School!"
- Kristin Porter,

"I have loved every video I've watched thus far and feel like my photography has already improved so much. I am on the last course, but I've been delaying it because I don't want to finish - haha! The videos have been so helpful and fun as well!"
- Leah Moldowan

"Food Photography School was pivotal in taking my photography skills and business to the next level. The information is delivered in clear and concise videos that are easy to understand and digest. I now understand so much more about my camera, lighting and editing and it shows in my photos. This course was worth every single penny! Thank you, Dana!"
- Abigail Keeso, RN, BScN,

What’s inside?

130+ Videos organized into 14 Courses including:
  • Basics
  • Equipment
  • Light
  • Artificial Lighting
  • Composition
  • Subject Matter & Styling
  • Styling a Shot
  • Angles
  • Action Shots
  • Beverages
  • Editing
  • Sharing Your Photos
  • Pinterest
  • Take it a Step Further
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Your Purchase Includes:

✗ Lifetime Access

✗ Instant Access to 130+ Video Lessons

✗ Videos Meaningfully Edited and Organized into 14 Courses to Protect Your Time

✗ The Ability to Learn Food Photography At Your Own Pace

✗ The Huge Benefit of Jumping the Learning Curve and Starting to Perfect Your Craft

✗ BONUS! 11 Video Course on Taking Great Food Photos on Your Phone (details below)

Visual Learning • One-time Payment • 30-Day Hassle-free Guarantee

130+ videos - that’s less than 76¢ a video

Let’s Get Real

Think of the time it takes to learn food photography on your own: All the trial and error, doubt of what all those camera settings mean, being unsure of what to look for in a great food photo, disappointment when your photos look nothing like your vision, and being lost when it comes to food styling.

These obstacles and struggles can really pile up.

Take heart. Dana (of Minimalist Baker) has been taking food photos for 5+ years and has made it her craft and full time job. For $99, you get to jump the learning curve. With her as your personal guide, you’ll take full advantage of her best tips and tricks. Seriously.

Learn from a pro and reap the amazing benefits.

Bonus Food Photos on your Phone!

11 Custom Video Lessons designed to help you take amazing food photos - on your phone!

Learn How To:

☎ Choose the Right Subjects and Angles

☎ Capture Compelling Images

☎ Make Photo Collages

☎ Navigate the Best Editing Apps

☎ Add Text and Graphics

☎ Avoid the Top 7 Food Photo Mistakes

☎ Instagram Like a Pro

↳ & More!

Full Lesson List

Get Instant access to 130+ Video Lessons including:

  • The Heart of Good Food Photography
  • Understanding Cameras
  • Understanding Lenses
  • Camera Modes
  • Adjusting Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Adjusting White Balance - Presets
  • Adjusting White Balance - Custom
  • Adjusting Exposure
  • Previewing and Zooming In
  • Screenview
  • Continuous Shutter Speed Mode
  • Formatting Your Memory Card
  • Image Quality
  • Nikon V Canon
  • Raw v JPEG
  • Examples of Raw v JPEG
  • Aperture Examples
  • ISO Examples
  • Shutter Speed Examples
  • White Balance Examples
  • Manual Exposure
  • Planning Your Shoot and Creating a Vision
  • Tripods
  • Surfaces & Backgrounds
  • The Benefits and Challenges of Using Natural Light
  • Utilizing Natural Light
  • Single Light Sources
  • Introduction to Composition
  • Multiple Light Sources
  • Light Bounces
  • Diffusers
  • How Light Affects Mood
  • Taking Photos at Night
  • Introduction to Artificial Light
  • How to Approach Artificial Light
  • How to Use Artificial Light in the 3 Most Common Lighting Scenarios
  • The Best Backgrounds for Artificial Light
  • The Best Angles for Artificial Light
  • Buying Artificial Lights vs. Upgrading Your Camera
  • Conclusion and Final Tips
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Introduction to Color Theory
  • Color Theory-Relationships
  • Elements of Design - Color
  • Elements of Design - Lines
  • Elements of Design -  Shape
  • Elements of Design - Size
  • Elements of Design - Space
  • Elements of Design - Texture
  • Elements of Design - Value
  • Make it Steam, Sizzle & Melt
  • Fill It to the Top
  • Give it Height
  • Leave Clues
  • Make it Fresh
  • The Power of a Garnish
  • Introduction to styling a shot
  • 3 Styling Tips
  • How to Find your Style
  • Principles of Design - Balance
  • Principles of Design - Pattern
  • Principles of Design - Proportion
  • Principles of Design - Rhythm
  • Principles of Design - Unity/Harmony
  • Principles of Design - Movement
  • Styling Simply
  • How Props Affect Mood
  • Principles of Design - Variety
  • Styling Artistically
  • Styling for Pinterest
  • Styling Ingredients
  • Styling Rustically
  • Our Props & Where to Buy Props
  • How to Choose the Right Accents and Props For your Dish
  • Building a Scene
  • Ways to Deepen Color
  • Make the Subject Look Bigger Than it Actually Is
  • Spritz Your Greens to Make them look Fresh
  • Use Oil to Cast a Sheen
  • How to Perfect the Little Details
  • Introduction to Angles
  • Overhead Shots
  • Parallel Angles
  • 45 Degree Angles
  • Off-Center Angles
  • Close Ups
  • Angles Looking Upward
  • Final Notes
  • The Purpose of Action Shots
  • Preparing for Action Shots
  • Camera Settings for Action Shots
  • Action Shots
  • Action Shots By Yourself
  • Introduction to Shooting Beverages
  • Choosing the Right Glassware
  • Accessorizing Beverages
  • Action Shots of Beverages
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Cropping & Resizing
  • Aerial Shots of Beverages
  • Backlit Shots of Beverages
  • Add Drop Shadow & Outer Glow
  • Adding Haze Effect
  • Adding Text Tastefully
  • Adding and Wrapping Text in a Circle
  • Hiding Text
  • Making a Photo Collage
  • Correcting Blemishes
  • Spot Color Correcting
  • Moving an Object within a Photo
  • Brightening Dark Images
  • Darkening Bright Images
  • Color Correcting
  • How to Edit Photos Taken at Night
  • How to Make a GIF
  • Exporting and Compressing
  • What Not To Do When Editing
  • Hashtags
  • Save Your Photos with Meaningful Titles
  • Link to 'none'
  • Pin & Share Buttons
  • Submitting to Foodie Sites
  • What does well on Pinterest?
  • Making Good Pinterest Images
  • Stacked Images for Pinterest
  • Dana’s Workflow
  • Tethering
  • The Trick to Becoming a Successful Food Photographer
  • Full Length Photo Shoot - Granola Bars
130+ Lessons • One-time Payment • 30-Day Hassle-free Guarantee


What is your refund policy?
Simple. There's an unconditional 30 day guarantee that you're going to love this course and learn a tremendous amount.

Try it out for 30 days and make sure you love it. If it's not the right fit, simply let us know and we'll promptly refund your money.

Does this course teach me how to use Photoshop?
Yes and no! We do show a number of tutorials using Photoshop, but you can learn the principles and edit photos in any type of software. However, we do think Photoshop would be a great investment if you’re starting to do a lot of editing.

What if I don't own Photoshop?
First, there are about 115 videos that have nothing to do with Photoshop. You're still getting a great value.

Second, Photoshop now offers a subscription package and you can even try it for a 30 day free trial. If you've never given it a spin before, this might be the perfect opportunity to test out some seriously powerful software.

Do I need a DSLR to take this course?
No! This course was designed to allow you to use what you have and start learning about food photography. Although we think you’ll get more out of the course if you do have a DSLR, it’s by no means necessary. Not only that, once you’re a member, you’re always a member. Take the course today and learn some of the tips with your current camera and then go back through it and review the material if you upgrade.

In fact, there are a couple lessons discussing the differences of camera types. It could be really helpful to have some background knowledge before you make such a big investment and we're ready to help!

How many hours of video are there?
Here's the thing. We haven't counted how many hours there are of video (but there's a lot).

Instead, we made sure each video was edited so we don't waste your time. If a topic required 20 minutes, we made a 20 minute video. If the lesson required 3 minutes, it's a 3 minute video. You're getting 130+ well-edited videos so you can learn quickly and efficiently.

Will I be an expert if I watch all these videos?
Close! The reality is that you are only going to get better if you continue to practice and take lots of food photos. This course will help you jump the learning curve and learn much more quickly than somebody trying to figure it out on their own. This stuff is tricky and there's lots to learn - that's why we want to help you get the most of your time and money.

Are you sure these videos are that great?
Yes. Seriously, we are so proud of this product it's silly. We worked really hard and are so excited to pack so much value into this course. We hope you love it just as much.

Can I use My Ipad/Tablet?
Yes! The entire course is designed to look and work seamlessly regardless of the device you are using. We worked hard to make sure you can utilize this course in the way most convenient for you.

Can I download the videos?
Sorry, our system doesn't have a way to handle downloading the videos to your computer. However, you can always login and access your account as frequently as you'd like.

Can you accept paypal?
Yes! Although all our payment options are very secure, paypal will allow you to pay with a check or through your paypal funds if you so desire.

How do I give a gift subscription?
Easy! Follow this tutorial and contact us if you need any help!

What does the checkout process look like?
As simple as we could make it. You create a login, add your payment (credit card or paypal), and you're automatically directed inside the course (as well as emailed a link).

How fast do I get access?
It's pretty much ninja-like instant access. You'll be in as soon as your payment is processed (takes about 1 second).

What do you mean by “lifetime access”?
Simple - your purchase today includes access to all the videos we have available at the time of your purchase. You’ll be able to reference the course as much as you need!

Just making sure, this is a one-time fee, correct?
Yes! There is no recurring charge for this course.

Do you include lessons on recording videos?
This course is strictly about taking great food photos. Although many of the principles and basics will help you get shots that could be used for video, we don’t cover video production in this course.

Does this course come with a certificate of completion?
Sorry, this course does not have a certificate component.

I have more questions/need help
No problem! Check out our support page.

130+ Lessons • One-time Payment • 30-Day Hassle-free Guarantee